Tolkien Tuesdays: Favorite Hobbit

1:11 PM

Today is "Favorite Hobbit", and that is pretty hard considering each one is different, with different personalities, and different parts to play in the story. I would have to say though, that it's Sam. Sam stayed by Frodo through it all - being a friend even when he was rejected. He was the one who carried Frodo up Mount Doom, saved him from the spider Shelob, and went after him multiple times. 
He was the example of a true friend - like the many other examples in LOTR. 
What would you say was your favorite Hobbit?

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6 of your thoughts

  1. (Can I just say I love your "Happy, happy, happy" above the comments?!) :D

    Sam was amazing. Probably Sam. But I love Frodo too.

  2. By the way, love your "Tolkien Tuesdays" idea! :) Imma huge LOTR fan. ;)


  3. I love, love, LOVE that quote!!!! Favorite Hobbit? Yes, definitely Sam. :D

    By the way, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog:

  4. I like Merry. He just has such a comical face every time he turns around. "Mushrooms!!!" And when he charges that Orc that's sneaking up behind Mithrandir during the battle atop the walls of Gondor.

  5. BILBO! Oh, this is a LOTR challenge, isn't it? Hmm...I love all hobbits! But perhaps Frodo. Or Sam. Or Pippin. Or Merry. Well. Why don't I just say all like I said in the first post, eh?
    ~ S. F.

  6. I guess I'd have to say Sam too ...


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