Never To Return

2:10 PM

The older you get the more you realize how you can never go back. You can't go back to being a teenager or child. Once it's gone. It's gone. I will never go back to the days I miss so much and sometimes I just feel the effects of growing up. Some days I just want to go back, even if its just for a few minutes but I can't. 
I was sitting here and it hit me - I'm a young adult. I'm at the place I always wanted to be (just the "right" age) but now that it's here I want to go back. I love my family and life as it is but I sometimes feel that nostalgia of never returning....
Have you ever felt this way?

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  1. Sometimes, just a little bit, like when I've had a bad day at work or I see the boys doing something with Mom and it used to be all four of us and now it's just three because I'm too old or I know all the answers already and they don't. I'm never too old for a cooking project, though. ;)


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