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picture via Pinterst, title via editing 

A while back I posted about my fantasy story I am currently writing (check it out here), and so today I decided to show you some snippets and pieces of how it's coming along. There is a wide range of characters and a twisted plot so hopefully it's coming alone OK. It's my first draft (no editing), but enjoy the preview of my different characters and their lives! ☺


“It is mine,”  Gavin replied. “Simon, the man I was apprenticed to before my father’s death gave it to me. He said my father had given it to him to give to me when I came of age. I am a solider for the King of Sindaleer, and just yesterday I discovered the words written on the hilt. My friend Josef told me that it is a Messenger Sword, and told me to find the hermit Falk to find the meaning. I know not what he means by the Messenger Swords but I wish to find out.”  

 “This forest is of darkness and not light, as you may have guessed.” Ducin tried to smile, though a wary looked crossed his face. “Evil lurks here, some say, though I only know that outlaws and darkness dwells here.”

“I’m Nick”, and the other said, “I’m Noll," in unison to the other and then they both laughed. “Though there is no doubt that our names will surely be the easiest to remember,” said Nick or was it Noll.

A man crept stealthily through the village, his knees trembling, though he didn’t want to admit he was ashamed. Could a man possibly be ashamed if he was defending his country and family? He turned into an alley and up a stairway that led him to where Toris – Captain of the king’s army said to meet him.
He didn’t contemplate what he was doing but went straight in the room, closing the wooden door behind him. He attempted to shake off any guilt, though tried to tell himself that he felt none. Captain Toris stood by the window, but turned as he entered. “You’re late; though try to make it early next time.”
The man who was soon to become a traitor to the person he loved like a son stopped for a moment, but then told all until he had nothing to hide – he had a family to feed after all and would not risk their lives. 

Crackling heat from the large fires began to fill the air. The stench of burning and death entered Sabriel’s nostrils and of those around her, for they were the last to leave the city. She coughed, covering her mouth with the back of her hand.
With one last glance behind she felt remorse and wondered where the moments had gone, why her time living in the great city had ended. It had ended wrongly and without a goodbye, and now it was gone for forever. 

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  1. Must. Know. More. What is going on?! "I am patient. I can wait." <-- ☺ Your story is amazing.
    What. Is. Going. On. Must. Know. More.
    ~ S. F.


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