♥ They Love Me ♥

1:25 PM

So yes, I found out that two boys are in love with me - both are very cute, though one declares that he loves me more. ☺ So there ya'll..... can you ask for two cuter boys to be in love with you (I am saying this to all the young ladies out there ;)? 
So nice to spend a weekend with my cousins! Lookout for more posts this week, such pictures from my weekend and just random stuff. 

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5 of your thoughts

  1. aww, so adorable! and you're SO gorgeous, girl!

  2. They're so cute, and you are gorgeous! Ah, and your shirt! I have one just like it!!! :D

  3. Thanks so much and that's so cool! I love mine! Have you ever had anyone ask you about it while you were out somewhere? It's happened to me once while at Wal Mart. =)

  4. Darling! Those are some very cute little boys. And you, too, of course. ;)
    ~ S. F.


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