A Little Biking Adventure

2:53 PM

So below is what a typical biking adventure looks like for me, my siblings, and Dad. We've been going  about every week and though it's exhausting at times, it's a lot of fun! I decided to bring my camera along today, and got to snap some quick pictures, though most were during our break so I didn't get too many. 

Enjoy them!
Taking a break on our biking adventure... I don't know what kind of face Josiah is making!
the road, and the wonderful hill that leaves us all exhausted
my biking shoes just cuz...
Almost to the top
the road we just came off of

Do you like to go biking? Have an amazing day everyone!

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  1. Bike rides are so fun, especially with family. Right now mi familia are living in a place that's not exactly bike-ridding friendly, so we aren't able to do it, but I still know it's fun. :)
    ~ S. F.


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