Five of My Favorite BBC Shows and Movies

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Hey everyone! As you may or may not know, I am a big BBC fan! I like the classics and such (which right not Sherlock Holmes is popular, but I'll admit I haven't seen that one yet). So anyway here our my top 5 (just to name a few)....

Pride and Prejudice mini series
Now when I say Pride and Prejudice, I mean the 1985 (or something) version. Highly amazing with highly amazing characters! I loved Mr. Darcy in this one and the whole setting and music was awesome! Which version do you like best?

Robin Hood series
Yes, this show I am quite crazy over! I've seen it twice in a year and loved it ever so much! I could watch it all day!

Sense and Sensibility
A very interesting movie! I've seen two versions, and both are great! The characters are very mysterious too me and for some reason I never expected the ending... 

A Tale of Two Cities 
This is also the 1980 (or something) version, and I am not 100% sure if this is BBC, but all the characters were more Brittish then American so I'm taking it as BBC. ☺I've seen it once and I hate the ending, but still it had something that was very appealing! 

Another fantastic classic! I like the newer version, but the older was good too. 

So what is 5 of your favorite BBC shows and/or movies? Have you seen any of them of late? I'm still working toward seeing Sense and Sensibility again soon!
God bless and have a great weekend!

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6 of your thoughts

  1. Here's my list (I had to limit myself to five, as I could have kept going on.)
    1.North and South
    3.Return to Cranford
    4.Sherlock (I count it as one of my favourites even if I haven't completely seen it. ☺)
    5.Wives and Daughters
    Have you ever watched any of those on my list?
    ~ S. F.

    1. I'm dying to watch North and South! Those all sound really good thanks for sharing! =)

  2. If you haven't seen the show Sherlock you seriously have to! Benedict Cumberbatch does an AMAZING job. Trust me, you've got to watch it.

    1. People keep saying that! haha. It sounds awesome, but I haven't decided yet. =)

  3. Mine are:
    1) Merlin
    2) North and south
    3) Robin Hood
    4) Little Dorrit
    5) Emma or Wives and Daughters

  4. oh and just sayin' BBC is the greatest thing on earth. <3 their shows!


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