Naming That Story!

1:17 PM

Hey everyone! I am a currently writing a story which I named at first, "The Lost Heirs", but now I have been thinking... a new name might be nice! I don't know if I really like that name for my story and I need you guys to help me. ☺ Do you think you could think of a new name? I've done some posts about my story before, and it's mainly fantasy/medieval type, about a young man Gavin who finds a special Messenger sword, and a mysterious man and Guardian only known as, "The Black Wanderer". Gavin must find the meaning of his sword and Black Wanderer must find how he can save the kingdom from the evil king Milosh, and the Knights of Norcir. 
If you have any ideas I'd love for you to comment below, and I'll let you guys know what I chose in the upcoming weeks. 
Thanks and God bless!

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2 of your thoughts

  1. Well, let's see here. I think that something with "Minogloria" in the title would be epic and stand out. :)
    I hope that helps!
    ~ S. F.


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