Some Tidbits on my Robin Hood Challenge and Updates

9:53 AM

^I went through my old pictures and found these cute, adorable, kittens!

Hey everyone! Ahhhh, a break from High School as I write and then go to the library. Life is good! ☺I have a post from my sweet sixteen birthday coming up possibly tomorrow (a little late, but here all the same), and soon I am planning on re watching the hobbit, an unexpected journey (it's been almost a year since I slipped it into the dvd player!), and I'm excited to see my brothers' reactions as they see it for the first time. Can't wait!
Also, have you seen my Pinterest challenge that has taken place? I have a pic of the schedule  on my sidebar, and it's actually a Robin Hood BBC challenge. It's simply me and others going day by day pinning are faves, least faves, and love of the show. It's been a lot of fun, and if you would like to join go to my Pinterest page and comment saying you want to join. You can jump in anywhere (where we're at or the beginning) - would love to have more fans join! It's always awesome to meet any of my readers! ☺
Here's what's been going on there....

Day 2: "End it. Please." "You want this?" "I live in hell." I was sobbing here just seeing his pain and regret! - Dinanna Hudson

Day 4: Saddest death. Literally every death on that show was heartbreaking, but I decided to be unique and pick Meg. She and Guy were so ridiculously adorable together, so naturally she had to die. I loved their conversations, and this bit at the end where Guy kisses her and cries over her body is just so beautiful. To me, Meg always represented the fans who loved Guy from the beginning, especially when she said, "You in your black coat on your black horse." and "I always quite liked you."  - Quinlyn

Day 3: Favorite Character. Allan A Dale. His character was not only funny, (despite him repeating that he wasn't being :) ) but also dynamic. Allan's story was a rough one, through and through. I guess I like a character with depth. And, to top things off, he is incredibly attractive. -Rachel Horner 

Just above was a short preview with some of the people participating in the challenge. So that's what's been going on here. What have you been up to? God bless!

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  1. 'Ello!
    This doesn't have to do with the post really, and you don't have to publish this, but I noticed that the link that "it's actually a Robin Hood BBC challenge" goes to is the picture of the kittens. :)
    And now I'll leave another comment that you can publish.
    ~ S. F.

  2. This challenge is really fun! I'm not sure if I'll ever watch it, but it is really fun to read about it. Thank you for doing it!
    ~ S. F.

    1. Yes, it is lots of fun and thanks for giving me a heads up for the link. =) Robin Hood is awesome - you should watch it sometime! :D


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