That's so KARA!

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So here is a post where I post random this about myself (and share lots of funny pictures). I've done a couple of these and really enjoy writing them (see if you can relate =)......

 Being a writer I tend to look at things weirdly or ask weird questions - like when I asked my Dad what it feels like to have evil breathing down your neck, or asked my sister to chase me through a dark yard to see what it felt like to have someone chasing you in the night. Those two things probably sound immature, but it's how I write from "real" experiences. ;) 
^All the time!

I have the the strangest dreams and odd as it may seem... some have actually come true! 

I love to hike, but my imagination tends to run away with me and I usually see things or hear things differently then what they are (I won't say anymore about this, but let me say it was a bit embarrassing...). 

Learning to drive means learning new things and yes.... I've hit a guardrail, the tree branch sticking out in the road, almost ran into the back of a slow car... I'm still learning....

Once I mistook a guy for my Dad and that was embarrassing.... thankfully he could laugh it off... :D
This is me and my amazing imagination that God has given me...

I'm taller then most young ladies and it's kinda embarrassing when  everyone points out that I'm almost taller them my Dad. I dream of being short... 

I am very random and some of my questions or comments come out of nowhere and I usually don't realize I've spoken out loud!!! 

I woke up yesterday morning and thought there was a River of Heat nearby (no, I don't know what that is....)

So that is me..... can you relate or have had a similar experience? Please comment below - I'd love to hear!!! =) And sorry for the kinda weird post - as it is I'm in need of a good laugh and thought perhaps I'd share some of my craziness. ☺
^And this because I love BBC shows and this is so true!

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2 of your thoughts

  1. A lot of these relate to me too! Enjoyed reading!

  2. The first picture. . .I'm so glad I'm not the only one that does that. I never finished grade one! :)
    Having your sister chase you in the dark? Sounds like something I would do.
    Brilliant post!
    ~ S. F.


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