when nothing is going right...

7:59 AM

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Sometimes it can feel as if nothing wants to go right for you (believe me - I feel your pain!).... All week I've been sick so pretty much all my plans haven't worked out (except the fact that I got to watch the hobbit =), and it left me feeling pretty sorry for myself. The thing is, even though your plans haven't worked out, God's has. 
I may not have been able to do the things I had planned on doing, but I've gotten a chance to catch up on so much needed rest and really think - could I trust God through anything? Being sick isn't a huge challenge, just a change in plans - in a way being sick has caused me to see that God's plans aren't always mine, and I need to be more willing to see His. 
Even though things aren't going my way, I need to see it as God's way. He's the Creator of the earth and I'm sitting here worried nothing is going to work out. Actually it has worked out (not for my plans, but everything goes as God allows it). 
He's the Ruler of the world - not me. I just need to sit back and trust Him. 
So yeah... this post is perhaps I bit of a ramble, but I've really been thinking about this! 
God bless!

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  1. Some of my favourite posts that you write are these ones. Their usually short, but they are so heartfelt and encouraging!
    Thank you for sharing this! The Scripture in the picture you used is actually my families them. :)
    ~ S. F.

    1. *cough, cough* I meant "theme" not "them".

    2. Thanks! That's cool - I really love the verse!


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