Will's Redneck Time Machine, by John Luke Robertson {A Review}

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Introducing Charles Thomas and Josiah (ages 12 and 10), who are participating in this book review with me! I got the Duck Dynasty book for them and when it had come time to do the review, I just had to have them help out since they're the ones who read it cover to cover (I read it too with my younger sister, but had to take a break for awhile with school). So here it is (my first review with two of my crazy brothers)....

My brothers' thoughts (in their own words, dear readers): 
Josiah: I like it, but I didn't like the part where they put a needle or something through his head when Si was trying to brain wash Willie. I like how they went into Bible times though! I also liked how I got to pick different places and it was fun and exciting! 
Charles Thomas: I would recommend the book more for boys because they go to where there's lots of war and they do things boys would like. You might not like the book if you don't like sci fi. Me and my brother laughed when Willie was at Noah's Ark and was soaking wet. 
Josiah: Yeah, that was really funny!

My thoughts and about the book: 
The book is written by the son of the CEO of Duck Dynasty and I didn't really know what to expect. It's book where you choose where to go next and leaves you with dilemmas to solve. It's fast paced, sci fi, creepy at times, funny, unexpected  twists and lots of fun! My sister Kailin and I laughed through a lot of it and took turns making choices and flipping from page to page. You got to "travel" in the time machine to Bible times, go to prom as John Luke's, Dad, and do crazy things that would only happen in something like Doctor Who. I'm not a fan of that sort of thing, but I have to admit it was fun and a kids book I really enjoyed reading with my younger siblings. 

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