And... I'm BACK!

1:49 PM

HOLA EVERYONE! I'm back to blogging and back on Saved by Grace! It's great and amazing to re-do my blog and though I don't have my new design yet, I kinda feel I've redone it some (check out how I rewrote some of the pages ;). 
So there is going to be some new things going on along with some things I'm going to be more dedicated to doing....
Fandom Friday - where my fave movies, shows, singers, characters, stories, books, etc, will be written about. One Friday I could focus on a character from my story, an episode in a tv show, a certain movie, a song or whatever I have been loving of late. Quotes, GIFS, music videos, and such will be a part of it. 

Noteworthy Quotes - You've probably seen them - it's where I do quotes I love and focus on one in a post. It's fun and I enjoy doing them. =) 

Featured Blogger - check out the sidebar to become one (an upcoming one soon!)

So I'm glad to be back and thanks so much for all your encouraging words about my blog. It's because of you (and God as well), that I'm blogging. 
So can't wait to begin and thanks so much for being a part of my blogging world! 


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