IT IS HERE! {A Hobbit Rant}

8:45 AM

Hola everyone! I am still on blogging break until next week, but how can I not share? The. Hobbit. Trailer. Is. Out. It's the end! So read on for my rambles, pictures and GIFS.... despite the fact that I never "fangirl" too much on here and try to post things everyone will enjoy I have to this once.....

The trailer is here ^ Please watch before advancing further into my crazy mind
And I saw it. I almost cried. I don't get emotional over trailers and I never get this crazy over it (but it is the end after all). Is there no hope that Peter Jackson may entertain us with one more movie after the Hobit at least?
 Tauriel everyone. She better not be crying over Kili (my heart will break!). I like Tauriel despite people the fact that many people don't. Her and Kili are two of my favorite people (eh Elf and Dwarf).  I just can't think what is going here -  I mustn't!

And why would we leave the evil guy to you may I ask?

It's true.... too... true.... sadly.... YEEPS!!!

Where is Fili in this trailer? Sorry, but I think both brothers deserve credit. And Thorin may betray the rest of the dwarves and Biblo, but it seems not Fili and Kili (notice "it seems"... perhaps it's not so).... And he is bringing on them death and ruin..... it is the end folks...

OH!!!!!!!!!! WHY THORIN? WHY MUST  GOLD DO THIS TO YOU? WHY?!!!!  THE LOOK IN HIS EYES TELLS ALL I AM AFRAID.... I can just see brother running to save brother... tears being shed...... Kili running for Fili (or Thorin).......

Is that the  nine?

Smaug!!!!! Will Laketown go up in flames (obviously from the picture...).  And then the thought passed over my mind... what if Bard's children die? WHAT? I HOPE NOT! Too much death will leave me depressed (I am already)... And then this picture... Bard facing death. FIRE. SMAUG IS FIRE AND DEATH!!!!!! WILL IT END IN FIRE?
What is going on here? Guesses anyone?
Fili. Enough said. 

And that is all for now. My rambles exceed anything I've done before. SO what says you? Any thoughts on this trailer? Are you ready to follow Thorin and Company one last time? I am ready. I am not. I will love it, but suffer for it. YIKES! I CANNOT WAIT (but I need to be patient... I must wait)....
 And I'm sorry if this post is way to random and weird and rambling. I guess my thoughts are a little scrambled right now....

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4 of your thoughts

  1. This movie does not seem like it's going to be okay for the feels. Eee! I didn't realise Tauriel was leaning over some one in that one shot until you mentioned it. o.O
    That one shot of Thorin and Kili together smiling. . .heartbreaking! I agree, we barely saw any Fili. We need Fili.
    ~ S. F.
    ps.--We will follow. One. Last. Time. Together.

    1. It doesn't. At All! Many tears shall be shed in this film!!!

  2. Haha, this whole post was perfect. Just yes. I can't stop watching the trailer.... it's so EPIC..... I really, really just need to see this movie right now. And thank you for adding the picture of Fili. We need more of him. :)
    P.S. IT'S THE NINE!!!!!

    1. Thank you! It is epic - so epic in fact that I have already seen it about eight times.... haha Yes, we need more of Fili! Both brothers are awesome!


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