What I Feel I Am Called To

2:27 PM

I've always been worried about my future - worried that I won't have a plan. Not until just recently (maybe you saw the post), did I finally began to realize that God has a better plan then I had for myself. So today, I want to share it with you. I don't know if it's 100% God's plan and I still need to pray (a lot), but I am confident now that God has one and I need to trust that. 
I feel God is calling me.....

.... to be a writer. I (Lord-willing) will one day publish one of my stories. I honestly feel I was given a love of writing for a reason and I want to use my love through this blog and prayerfully one day through a book.

....to major in counseling or something of that form in college - yes you heard (er read) right. I think God's plan is for me to go to college. Weird... I always thought I wouldn't, but when you follow God's plan, you never know what's in store. 
I want to help others dealing with stuff - drugs, alcohol addiction, or those who are homeless with no where to go. 
 I am thinking something like Collegeplus, but who knows, right?

... to one day get married and hopefully adopt and/or foster kids. It's always been my dream and I think God put it there for a special purpose.

So yeah... that's about it. I want to make 100% sure that this is God's plan and not my own thoughts, so someday I may come back and say something entirely different. Right now though, I feel God leading me in that direction and finally I'm beginning to listen!

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  1. Thank you for sharing Kara! This is wonderful. I know God will use you to touch people for His glory! I too have starting feeling God calling me (but in a totally different direction). I think God's leading me to work with/adopt orphans and maybe start a Christian orphanage in a really poor/dangerous country. I, unlike you, always planned on going to college, but feel like God is telling me to not go to college. :) Again prayer, prayer, and more prayer is needed, but I am confident that Christ will use us all for His glory and His Kingdom.

    1. WOW that is an amazing calling! I will be praying for you as you learn His will for your life, and I know you will be used to do amazing things for God's glory! Thanks so much for sharing - it really made my day!


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