Countdown to Christmas Party: If You Know Me You'd Know...

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Hola everyone! Here it is - the "if you know me you'd know..." Christmas edition...
If you know me you'd know...

I can't listen to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving - it's a rule I live by =)

it doesn't feel like Christmas for me until it has snowed at least once (I feel sorry for all you southerners... ;). Thankfully it's snowed three times so I'm now officially ready. haha  

I always try to make Christmas gifts rather then buy them and have pretty much done it since first grade (no joke!)

I have this secret wish to go out into the woods and find a Christmas tree (has anyone done that before?) - it sounds like fun!

I love pretty much anything Hallmark (when it concerns Christmas), and right now am loving "A Royal Christmas (watch out for the movie review soon!)

I love my family's tradition of going to go see the lights around my city - it never get's old

one of my favorite Christmas memories is singing Christmas carols around the city. It was hard because of the circumstances (I won't go into details), but I really enjoyed it

I've never believed in Santa. Ever. 

OK, so that's a little bit about me. Are any of these like you?

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  1. Seeing the lights around the town is one of my family's traditions, too. The lights are so beautiful.
    ~ S. F.

  2. A great list of things about you! I enjoyed reading it. :) I've never believed in Santa Clause either, haha :)


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