Fandom Friday #2: Those Hidden Heroes

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Have you ever watched a movie or TV show and realized that sometimes the real hero isn't actually always just the main character? Today I want to just take the time appreciate them in that fact that they're just as awesome. So read on to find some of my favorites from Narnia, the Hobbit, LOTR, and another!

Sam. Despite the face that Frodo was almost the hero of the story, he could have never done it without his dear friend Sam! Think about it - Sam never gave up on Frodo, even when The Ring began to take a hold. He never took him up for dead. He killed Shelob. He was willing to give up everything for his master - even if it meant his life. He never left his side. He was with him until the end. What better friend can you have then Sam? Really he was just one of the true heroes for me!

For me all the Pevensies were heroes, but Lucy was the reason for it all. She found Narnia. She believed. She never gave up that Aslan was there. 

Of course Bilbo is the true hero of The Hobbit, but from just seeing him in the movie you would have never guessed. He wanted to be home in Bag-end and have all the comforts of never doing anything unexpected. If you'd never even read the book, it almost seems that Thorin was/is the hero! Instead of staying at home though, Bilbo goes on an adventure - bides time with the trolls before Gandalf comes, finds the keyhole into the mountain, and then goes and braves Smaug! What a brave hobbit y'all!
  I also get tears in my eyes in the second movie when Bilbo said he believed in Thorin when they were at Laketown. It showed that even if Thorin didn't always believe in Bilbo, Bilbo still believed in him. 

Much, everyone! He was the first one beside Robin Hood from the beginning - even before he became an outlaw. He protected him in the Holy Land and beyond - being one of those true friends who was terribly unappreciated at times. Even in season 3 when Robin had PTSD and was never wholly himself again, Much never left his side. 

and.... Gollum? Yes folks, Gollum was in a way a hero. He may have been evil at times and tempted dreadfully by the ring, but he led Frodo to Mordor, then destroyed the ring (quite unintentionally, but all the same he did). Without him the story could have ended quite differently.  He was to be pitied in the end (by me anyway if not by anyone else.. :).

And last but not least... Eustace. He was (I will admit) a bit snobby in the beginning, but as his character progressed (into a dragon haha), I found that he began to change. He saved the day, placing the last sword upon the table and breaking evil. I totally found him a hero in "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". 

So there is those who I found the hidden heroes - do you agree, have anymore to add to the list? God bless y'all!

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