I'm Feel So Rich {Life's Little Blessings}

8:32 AM

Hola readers! Right now as I feel a close to this year (2014), I am feeling that I am incredibly rich. No, I haven't just come upon a bunch of gold, but rich as in family and friends. God has blessed me so much! Here are some of life's blessings right now that I am really feeling...

•playing the call on the piano and actually getting it right!
•video chatting with friends
•going to the theater with the most amazing mom and sister to see the #1 movie in the world (anyone have a guess at what it was?)
•cards from friends (you know who you are!)
•listening to this song and remembering Who writes my life

•finding out that one of your favorite authors came out with a new book series - "Christy and Todd  The Married Years"
•watching clips from the last hobbit movie and tearing up
•instant messaging a very sweet and amazing friend last weekend (or around that time)
•singing Christmas songs with your family
•finding a Bible verse that really answers something I've been praying about
•getting "North and South BBC" for Christmas
•preparing myself to watch Sherlock Holmes BBC and being afraid that I will hate it and have to explain myself to a mob of fangirls (just joking - hopefully any fans will be understanding.. ;) 

So what do you feel blessed by at this moment? God bless y'all!


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