The Battle of Five Armies: A Movie Review

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So I went to see the last movie in an epic trilogy and it is time to do my last hobbit review. So note... if you're reading this and have never watched it but want to see the review I will put (in huge words) that a spoiler is coming up and then another one when it ends. Otherwise I will try to put just my opinions on acting, the script, the music and how I thought Peter Jackson did putting it all together...
So here we go without further talk of how I plan on reviewing it...

 Fire. Death. Ruin. Smaug. It pretty much left off where the second one ended. We were on the edge of our seats the moment it began and only Laketown and Smaug was on your mind. 
 I knew also from reading the book (up to the last three chapters to save knowing the end of the movie), that it wasn't going to be a totally happy ending (I was right again). Anyhow.... 
I kinda thought the fight with Bard and Smaug was cut a bit short, though perhaps will will be different once I see it again. It was still amazing though. Smaug is the best dragon I've ever seen (in a movie that is)! 
*Small spoiler about Thorin that any hobbit book fan will already know*

We instantly begin to see Thorin changed from the moment he goes into Erebor, because if you remember the from the second movie and the first, that there is a sickness upon the gold and it drove Thorin's father mad. Thorin doesn't care about Laketown, forgets his friends, forgets that he is becoming like his father and grandfather, and only sees riches and wealth. The power. Everything that will bring him his heart's desire. 
It was incredible acting on Richard Armitage's part and seeing the pain in the other dwarves was heartbreaking to me as a true fan of Thorin & Company.  Dwalin told his king with tears in his eyes, "you do not see what you have become".  At this point I was already becoming an emotional mess. 
It reminded me that of in the Bible where Jesus talks about how the things of this world will quickly fade away and that they aren't worth it (paraphrasing a little here). 
"And this world is fading away, along with everything that people crave." 1 John 2:17
I've never seen a movie like this one that emphases how riches, coveting, and making things of this world an idol can destroy you. It was (as I said), heartbreaking. 
                        *End of Thorin spoiler*

                      *Tauriel and Kili spoilers*

Tauriel and Kili's relationship also begins to deepen, and I saw a new side of both of them throughout the movie. I am in no way a book purist so their romance was fine with me. They both struggled with it though, after all one is an elf and the other a dwarf (quite shorter then her at that). It was sweet though, and I really loved them. 
Their end was also quote emotional for me - Tauriel was crying and  she asked Thranduil. "Why does it hurt so much?" He replied. "Because it was real". For some reason this touched me deeply. Perhaps because I was on an emotional high or perhaps because this was the first time I saw Thranduil break from his high and mightiness. 
He always seemed to look down on Tauriel in the DOS and to see him comforting her was a highlight for me on his character. Before I actually had a hard time even liking the elevenking, but here I pitied Thranduil!

                                        *End of spoiler*

Then there was the battle. It was just as epic as I could have wanted! There was not as much CGI I felt as in the movie before, though perhaps I was so caught up in the action I didn't notice. It wasn't very gruesome, though there was quite a lot of orcs being beheaded, sword slashing and tension.
The stunts were also very good! I loved them actually more then in DOS because for me they seemed more realstic. 
I do wish though, that there had been scenes with Bard and some more with Fili and Kili together. It was sad because when it was all over I felt it went to fast. 
And then there were the deaths. Slow painful deaths. One went too quickly - I hated that he died and could have sobbed. It was quick, and fast - no last words (which I "like" to see if a character dies).
Then there were the tears. Thorin's cousin. The end. The last goodbye - Everything combined to make you cry. 
I won't go into detail on who died (other then the spoiler above), but they were very well done and one was very redeeming.
In the end as the credits slowly begin to roll and "The Last Goodbye" begin to play by Mister Billy Boyd, I was an emotional mess. I did have to wonder... what happened to people of Laketown and Bard? Where did they fit in the end? That was the only thing that I questioned in the end. 
To conclude.... I couldn't be happier (er sadder)... We saw Bilbo
go from a hobbit who never wanted anything to change, to a brave one, who never backed down and never left Thorin's side even when Thorin would turn his back on him. 
The journey changed me. The whole trilogy was happy. sad. filled with death. learning who we really are and even the smallest person can change the course of this future. The actors did amazing - everything pretty much met up to what I thought it would be. 
There was a lot of surprises along the way and I truly think that for book purist they may be sad with how it went, but for me as a hobbit movie fan, I really enjoyed it.  

(Be warned...Dain Ironfoot said b***ard. It wasn't really a surprise for me because Peter Jackson did change a lot of things since doing LOTR and I was a little upset by that. Also there was quite a lot of violence)

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  1. This is the best movie I have every seen in all my born days=D I love the gold scene where Thorin is being drowned in his dragon sickness. And then when he takes off his crown:) My favorite part was when the Durins ran out of the mountain...OH. MY. SOUL. That scene could not have been better;)

    1. I agree completely! The gold drowning scene really clutched at me and I pretty much couldn't breath the entire movie. Did you cry any?


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