Five Movies That I Will Never Consider "Old"

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Hola readers! I know I've been doing a lot of movie and book posts lately, but I just wanted to share, "five movies that I will never consider old". It's the movies that I've grown up watching and totally don't see them as a movie from the 70s or 60s or even 80s! Some of my friends and people I know, may call them "old" or "classics" but I just consider them some of my favorite TV shows and movies ever.

 So here we go.... 

The Andy Griffith Show...

I know a lot of people see this and think of it as from the 60s and in black and white (as it is), but I've watched this since I was ten or nine. To me it's hilarious, far from being "old" and one of my favorite TV shows ever! I'm sad though, that are local channel stopped showing it...

The Princess Bride....
ya'all this is one awesome movie! I've seen it like four times and I could see it another four soon! 

The Sound of Music....
as I type out this post I am singing in my head.... "the hills are alive with the sound of music..." This is one of the only musicals I'll watch other than Newsies. =)

Little House....
look how young Laura is! Wasn't she only 15 or 16 during that Also am I the only Percival and Nellie fan? I loved them in the show!

and last but not least.... The Parent Trap
I love. love. LOVE! this movie! I know.... all these shows and movies so far I've said I loved but this one is near the top. It's fun, family friendly, and I have to say... I like it better than the newer version. 

So there is my favorites - I know some aren't really that old, but to some who watch more modern movies they probably are. What are some of your "older movie" favorites?

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  1. I love these movies and shows!!!! They will never get old.-Bethany!


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