what is my dream?

11:22 AM

We all have dreams - so are realistic and some aren't. Here's mine....

I dream of making a difference in my community - even if that's just simply encouraging someone or volunteering. I don't want to just donate money - I want to get out there and help

I dream of traveling at least the eastern side of the US and meet my incredible internet friends. I want to walk up and give them a real life hug (not a virtual one), take fun photos, and talk and laugh like we do over e-mails. This is one of my favorite dreams... just sayin'=)

I dream of publishing one of my stories and have someone be inspired by the book. I don't mean I want to be famous, but just know a piece of me is in a library, book store or amazon (I prefer the library though haha) 

I dream of speaking Spanish fluently so I can reach more people. I don't know if I will ever use the language, but I'd love to learn! 

I dream of inspiring others on my blog. The whole goal of my blog is be fun and all that, but also be inspiring and encouraging. Only y'all can judge if I've been that, but Lord-willing I am or one day will be =)

I dream of one day meeting the guy who the Lord will (lord-willing) place in my life for me to marry. I dream of having an family and adopting children. 

And because you need random dreams that are a little silly or just fun...
I dream of meeting someone who looks similar to me... ;) 
I dream of going to New Zealand 
I dream of one day meeting an actor 

So there is some of my dreams.... what are your's?

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  1. Going to New Zealand is one of my dreams too. It would be so amazing and incredible and epic. :)
    Same here! I would love to publish one of my stories and find it in the library.
    ~ S. F.


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