|When Calls the Heart Season 1| A Review

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I got this series for Christmas and have to say I was a little skeptic if I would like it or not. I can be really picky about TV shows!
 Two nights later I set down with my family to watch it and was instantly thrown into the story. Every doubt is now gone - I am in love with this show!

When Calls the Heart follows the story of Elizabeth Thatcher - a new teacher to the small town of Coal valley. The town has been through a lot with the mysterious mine disaster, and have just begun to heal. As Elizabeth begins to get involved with Coal Valley and its people, something else begins to happen - a possible love story with her and the Mountie, Jack. 
As dangers come along they must learn to work together and survive the west . 

I was instantly loving this show from the very second. It was humorous, just enough danger to keep you watching, romance, and plenty of heartfelt moments.  It was perfect for my family, who goes from my five year old brother Jeremiah and above. My brothers loved the outlaws and all the action and wanted to keep watching for that reason.  My Dad was all for the heartfelt moments, and of course us girls (and my Mom) for all of it (romance included). 
I thought the romance side was perfect in When Calls the Heart - slow with many unexpected turns that left me wondering until the next episode. Jack and Elizabeth made a perfect couple!
 I don't know how many times I laughed, was on the edge of my seat, and then others time set back and sighed. 
The outlaw, adventure, and mystery side was very entertaining and is still leaving me guessing! Every episode had me longing for more!
 It was all clean with only a few cuss words (a few uses of d**n and h*ll). 
The romance isn't concluded yet either for this season, and overall I'm just dying to see season 2 when it comes out! 

So have you seen it? If not - go watch it soon! I am now a huge fan and highly recommend it!

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