That's So Kara! #3

8:47 AM

I haven't done one of these posts in a long while! So here is some weird and random (and perhaps cool) things that define me or is pretty much like my personality.... enjoy....

Does anyone remember this? Ohh what a memory!!! It was when I was like eight and I can still see me and my sister Korin diving for the remote because the volume had been left a little too loud haha.

 This is just too accurate - I pretty much said this as I walked out of the theater. It was like a sense of loss - what now? I guess the extended edition? ;)

because this is one of my favorite quotes and I just love C.S Lewis!

And while I'm on the topic of C.S Lewis let's talk about the Susan and Caspian relationship thing. I got use to watching it, but when I first saw this I found it odd and didn't like it. Something about watching a movie over and over can get you use to things you don't like.

Random fun fact: I read The Silver Chair when I was ten and I almost cried - tears were forming and I was upset. I am never that emotional (or at least wasn't until BOTFA), and so this is surprising...

If I'm going to talk movies and Tv shows, let's talk about North and South BBC. I have been quoting Mr. Thornton a lot of late. Is there any fans out there reading this?

What fangirl (or fanboy) does? Calm just isn't there - we're too emotional!

I collect old cameras... random but true. So far I have four? Maybe five? 

and I love the band Rend Collective....

and the song "Hero" from the Christian rock band skillet! While I love Christian rock, rap, and contemporary, I also love Celtic and classical. So yeah... any music pretty much I listen to. Mostly Christian artists, but not always. =)

So there... a little bit about the random Kara Lynn from a small town in the US of A. Do you relate to any of the above? I'd love to know! =)  

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6 of your thoughts

  1. No way. You love Rend Collective too?? :D Awesome!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes - that band is amazing! I found out about them on the radio station Klove about two years ago.
      What is your favorite song from them?

  2. These are all so accurate!! Especially the first two, I laughed so hard :P
    Rend Collective is so good, most people I know don't even know who they are though, sadly.
    Love this post :)

    With Love, Elizabeth @ Whimsical Thoughts

    1. Thanks for commenting! I know - they're really, really, good songs and I've been sharing them a lot with friends on Facebook and the like. I like the fact that they're songs make me so happy while I'm worshiping God!

  3. Awesome quote by C.S. Lewis. Sometimes it's so hard to forgive, but God can give the strength!

    1. Yes! Forgiveness can be so difficult, but is so important! Thanks for commenting. =)


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