When Answers Die {A New Story}

10:09 AM

^mock cover I made 

I'm beginning a new story, "When Answers Die", and it's the second story beginning from my last one, "When Evil Over-Shadows". Here is what it is about:

The guardians of Sindaleer and Minogloria are called to help the people of the While Islands - a country far off across the sea, who have been receiving threats from the Knights of Norcir. Dragomer (the leader of all guardians) must unite his men to save the fallen Islands, rescue their friends from the dreaded Pirates, and the stay the hand of the evil enchantress, who threaten their very lives. Will they learn that only together can they win over the darkness that threatens all?

The overall plot is still a work in progress (so there probably will be changes), but that is my idea of how it will all go. I have the same characters as in my last story, but what's rough is trying to get back into the writing mood. I love writing, but I think I need a break for a while. 
So do you like to write? Have you ever tried fantasy?
P.S Snippets from my first story and the mock cover I'm making soon! 

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