You're Not Alone

1:02 PM

Whatever you're going through - no matter how big or small, God is with you! 
He will never leave you
He knows what you're going through
He loves you no matter what
He'll pick you up when you fall
He'll erase every mistake you've ever made
He forgives every wrong thing you've said or done
He loves you with an everlasting love
He calls you by name and you are His beloved child

You aren't alone - we all have trials. We all hurt. We all can be pained by stuff in life.
No matter what - God is there. He's there when the world is falling and you feel like you can't get up. He's there when the storm rages on and you're afraid you'll sink and drown. He won't let you drown! God has you by the hand and will lead you on. 
Sometimes I feel so lost - like no one understands or cares, but that's not true. God cares about how you feel. He isn't going to leave you to face the gigantic waves alone. 
I just wanted to let you know - you are loved. 

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