A True Friend

8:27 AM

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. ~ Proverbs 18:24

This is what I consider a true friend....

• someone who encourages you. There is so many things we go through - so many times that I'm sure we've  wondered if we can go on with life - if it will ever get better. No matter what, a true friend is right there with you. She (or he) is there is lift you up and let you know that you're not alone

• someone who you can laugh and cry with

• someone who isn't afraid to hear you're problems 

• someone who not only enjoys talking with you, but also listens to what you have to say. 

• someone who isn't afraid to admit when they're wrong and forgives you when you are 

• someone who doesn't talk bad about you behind your back 

• someone who knows that sometimes you can be crazy (I'm thinking about myself here haha), but loves you anyway

• someone who realizes that you both won't agree on certain topics all the time but doesn't constantly debate with you about it  

This is only a few of the things that defines a good and true friend. Looking over this list I wonder if I am even 50% of the stuff on this list when it comes to being a good friend to others. I pray though, that I can be (and will be) a loving person who follows Jesus and lets His Light shine through my life.
How do you define a good friend? I'm sure there is a lot more to be added to this list - what would you add? 

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