Cinderella {a review}

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I promised my littlest sister Kailin that Korin and I would take her to see a movie this spring or summer, and as soon we learned that Cinderella was coming out, we chose that one. We were all excited to have a (girls only) day out at the mall and movie theater, and I have to say I wasn't disappointed by this film!
I actually went in with low expectations - I knew the story, I'd seen Ever After (one of my favorite movies ever), and watched the cartoon version of Cinderella - how would this one be any different? I was however, looking most forward to the Frozen short (a little more on that later though)! 
I won't go into detail about the story of this movie since probably everyone knows it, but more focus on what I thought of it. 
I went in afraid that Cinderella would be focusing more on beauty and that the prince would fall in love with her at first sight simply because she was so pretty! This movie however, doesn't focus or either as I thought it would, but more on  courage and kindness. Even the Prince Kit admits that he isn't taken by Ella for her beauty, but rather her spirit and way of life. 
Also I really liked the fact that it showed the love in Ella's family before her parents died - the love between her parents and her was very sweet!
The actress Lilly James did a fantastic job as Ella - the sweet girl who is orphaned and forced to take care of her cruel stepmother and stepsisters. Cate Blanchett did awesome here as well, and I knew she would even before I even saw the movie (I loved her in the Hobbit).  The step mother in this story wasn't so evil to the point that we hated the character, and I actually kinda pitied her. 
And then there are the two step sisters.... they were more stupid then evil. I actually didn't like this (perhaps because I was comparing it to Ever After?). For instance - the fairy godmother was very funny. She made me laugh, and though this wasn't as I would have imagined as a little girl, that was Ok because it was something different and new. The stepsisters though seemed very immature (more it seemed to me then in the cartoon), and obnoxious - I really wish they would have been portrayed differently. Perhaps that's how they were supposed to be, but I thought it a little too much.

And the music... I am a huge fan of music in movies ( I like to judge them by it), and this was awesome! Even though I knew how the story would play out (and the writers stayed true to the original), I was caught up in the moment as Ella raced home before the clock struck 12. I (in my mind) urged it to go faster, and do please hurry inside Ella before the stepmother returns home!

Now one only thing that caused concern in the movie was the very low cut dresses. My Mom almost told me and my sisters that we couldn't go once she saw the trailer. It wasn't quite as bad as I thought, but was however still very immodest and showed way to much to my liking. 

This (and the stepsisters) were the only things I didn't like about the movie and overall I thought it was fantastic. Not very realistic, but then why should it? We went expecting a fairy tale where godmothers exist and magic happens, and that is what we got. 
I think I will want this one my shelf when it comes out on dvd! 

Oh, and the Frozen Special? So cute and full of happiness - Olaf is as adorable as ever and it was one of my favorite parts of going to the theater! Totally can't wait for Frozen 2 to come out! 

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  1. Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed this one, Kara! It really is a timeless, classic kind of fairytale.

    Frozen Fever was darling! Way cute and like you say, Frozen 2 cannot arrive soon enough. Because, Olaf... how cute is he!? :)

    1. Yes it is a classic and one of my favorites!
      Frozen Fever was so adorable and Olaf the best! ♥


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