Ghost Boy {a book review}

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What would it be like for no one to hear your inward cry for help, to never walk again? I don't know, but Martin Pistorius certainly did! In 1988 he became imprisoned in his own body - never speaking and completely motionless. His family waited for him to die. 
However, Martin began to become aware of his surroundings, and slowly his brain began to wake up. Still he could not speak, and no one knew what was going on inside him - he was very much a ghost boy. 
This is a true story, written by Mr. Pistorius  himself. The mood of this book is at times depressing and dark as we see what it's like to be trapped in your own body - unable to do ANYTHING
I'd never heard of the author until I read the book, and I found his story very interesting and I learned a lot. He writes in a way that is very open and easy to read without getting confused. 
OK so now that I was nice about the book I do need to talk about the many things I found negative. There was so much I didn't expect would be in story from a good Christian publishing company!

Negative content.....
We see a lot of s*xual words that Martin is trying to learn so he can communicate again. Martin talks about his desire to sleep with a woman (in some detail). Martin speaks briefly of his male body parts (in very little detail but enough to make it uncomfortable). The f word is used once but put like this f--k. Despite the fact the word had letters missing I still have it in my head. :P A nurse does uncomfortable things to Martin (touching him wrongly). This is in SO MUCH detail!!!!! 
A woman says inappropriate things about her boyfriend. Martin notices the shape of a woman's chest (a little detail). Sh*t is used over six times. God was barely mentioned until the end. 

Overall the book is a grim reality, and I was at times inspired, however the bad content was getting on my nerves. I understand that Martin went through a lot and it needs to be said to let others know, but in such detail? I really don't think so! The negative  went over the good. Even though a lot of readers, who know people dealing with such things as Martin did, will probably enjoy the book, I can't recommend it. 
If you want to read it then I suggest this book for older high schoolers or even better - an adult. My little brother (who is ten) enjoys flipping through books I get, but I made sure this one he didn't. 

Note: I got this book free from booklook in exchange for doing a review of my own personal opinions. All thoughts are 100% my mine and in my own words!

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