Lessons Learned From a Piano

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If you know me then you'd know I can play some piano, but my interest comes and goes depending on my mood. Recently I've been inspired to take it up again and try my hand at learning to play more. I hate learning the notes though, and my brain is usually so confused, and sometimes I'll stop and just 
want to give up. "What's the use? I can't even play a simple song right!"
One day though I was determined NOT  give up! As I played, "Here I am To Whorship," - slowly going through the notes and trying to figure it all out, I suddenly got it! It was so rewarding to hear what I'd longed to play. Through out the week I also learned, "Misty Mountains," (by heart since I played it so much), and every time was so excited that at last I'm seeing progress. 
I saw a message from God through all this though - learning Piano (or any instrument you're struggling in), can be a lot of practice and hard work. It can be frustrating and seem pretty worthless at first, and it can be like life - when God says to do something I may a lot of times feel as if I'm not getting anywhere. Sometimes even the simple things He says may seem weird or appear as if they won't work. However, I've found that when at last you've practiced your notes and followed His instructions you will see the bigger picture - see the song He was wanting you to play. As you learn you'll mess up, but He'll guide you though the whole thing - He'll show you where you left off and help you continue to press on. 

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