Life For Me and My Photo Challenge

8:56 AM

So today I'm going to be posting the pictures from my photo challenge and then just pretty much tell you what I've been doing of late. So here we go...

Strong emotion... so here we have Josiah and Kailin and the emotions of fear and anger. How do you think they did?

a sunset


Watching... Road to Avonlea, AD (on NBC),  and soon I'm going to try Merlin *rubs hand together excitedly*. Have any of you seen it?

Reading... Experiencing God - one of the best books ever! So enjoying it

Listening to.... Soul Fire Revolution (in spanish)


who else does this?!

I thought this very inspirational!!!!!

I haven't been doing much except school and then Friday was able to meet some lovely friends over Googe+ video hangout. A lot of fangirls in one place haha! 
And now I better go.... home school awaits! 

So what have you been doing lately? Found any good TV shows to watch, books to read, things to pin?

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6 of your thoughts

  1. I love the pictures!
    and OH MY GOODNESS I love Road to Avonlea and Merlin! they're amazing. Although, I must warn you; Merlin will break your heart. It did mine. But it will be worth it. Totally.
    Ok. I'm going to stop fangirling now. Sorry 'bout that. Lol, great post. :)

    1. EVERYONE has told me the same for Merlin -some of my friends have been warning me haha! =)
      Don't worry - fangirl comments are awesome. ♥

    2. Haha! I'm not surprised. :) I just finished watching Merlin again (the first time with my parents), and....oh my goodness!! Good luck. :)

    3. Thanks! I'm sure I'll need it (I get really emotional when it comes to BBC TV shows)! =)

    4. Me too! Sorry I accidentally commented as my sister. XD

    5. No problem - happens to me a quite a lot since me and my sis share a laptop. =)


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