Do You Like How I Do Reviews?

8:38 AM

Hola readers! I've been writing book reviews for about two years now and so far I'm learned a lot about what info I should give, a little bit on how to make them interesting, how much of my opinions I should give, etc. 
So anyway I thought maybe some things should be changed on how I write them. I would write the review as always, but in the end of it put this...
Sexual Content:
Other Things That Might Make You Say "No Thank You":
Spiritual Content:

Then also perhaps the age I and my family would recommend the book or movie for. What do you think? Do you think I should change how I write reviews and put more info in for y'all?
If so please comment because I want to know! Today I'm also doing a review of AD and then later next week one from the book, "Ghost Boy". If you guys comment and after I make my decision, you will then perhaps see some minor changes. 
For now perhaps read AD (episode 1 and 2, review, and perhaps see if you like what I'm doing now. 

Have a great day readers! 

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2 of your thoughts

  1. Honestly, I love how you do reviews (mine are all over the place lol) but I think it'd be great to have even more stuff in them. Sorry! I'm terrible at making decisions and giving advice about making decision! :P But anywho, I'd love for you to add more if you want. :) Keep at it. Your reviews are great.

    1. Aww thanks Lily! I'm sure you're reviews are great (mine are all over too at times)!


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