Bonhoeffer, Student Edition {Book Review}

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Would you stand up for what you believe in even if it would mean your life be taken? Dietrich Bonhoeffer faced this question and acted courageously. His goal in life no matter the cost - defend God's Truth and stand up for what is good and honorable. 
I've never read much or seen but a little about Mr. Bonhoeffer and eagerly awaited reading this biography and learning a little bit about this brave man. 
Let me be honest - I don't usually read bios (ever), or autobiographies for that matter. I'm a fiction loving young adult, however I thought I'd give this book a try. It is a student edition so  I hoped it'd be simpler to read then an adult book of him would be. 
I was both a disappointed and pleasantly surprised.
The book is at times just...well...boring. The author's (Eric Metaxas) style of writing isn't exactly always thrilling and probably wouldn't hold a kid's attention at all times (my siblings are in mind). Of course I could be wrong but it is a lot of historical stuff that may seem a bit long for a nine year old (the age group the book is intended for 9 and up). I won't be a complete downer though...
There is some pretty cool stuff to find in this book that include maps, cool facts, timelines and things that I found really neat! There is also thought provoking questions to make you think and ideas on how to help others (even if you are still a child). 
Things I learned (even as a young adult) reading this book was...
The grocery costs in the 20s
Inventions during the Great Depression 
The meaning of Hitler's name
Some pretty neat stuff to devour in this bio! There is also some vocabulary which I love (I'm a word nerd). 
I found this a good historical recourse - jam packed with facts as well as Bonhoeffer's story that inspired me. This will be a book that I will use in teaching my siblings next year in home schooling, and I think that even though it won't always hold their attention, they will learn a lot. 

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