Fandom Friday #6 My Thoughts on Merlin and The Giver

8:54 AM

Hola readers! Time for another Fandom Friday y'all and I'm excited for this one!
So today I'll be discussing and fangirling over both a movie (aka The Giver) and a TV show (aka Merlin BBC).  

Allrighty then....

The GIVER!!!!

If you know me then you know I'm a fantasy girl all the way and science fiction and I don't usually mix. I tried watching Star Trek once last winter and was lost from the beginning, but somehow I knew I'd love both the book and the movie.
 My Dad even like it (which is saying something since he's not a fan of really anything fantasy). A friend was the one who recommended the movie, and I saw the trailer and instantly wanted to watch it. I read the book last month and loved it, then I borrowed the movie and now.... instant fan! For some reason this Dystopian world didn't seem like science fiction - it was a movie (and book) with a purpose. I know a lot of people hated this movie because they said it didn't go with the book. But hey guys - the book was written in the 90s and so a movie made now probably will be more high tec. I get that.

Quick random thing but was I the only one who was a fan of Jonas and Fiona's relationship? It was sweet, and though unlike the book I liked it. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a romance. ☺ 
Back to the rant... Personally I think the movie stuck close enough to the book and I watched it twice. Because it was awesome (and because my brothers wanted to see it). Now the directors must make the others books that go with the series. It was that good. 
And by the way - watch the video below if you haven't because it explains the movie a bit since it's a trailer. 

And now....

his name was..... MERLIN!!!!!! 

Yes dear friends who have tried forever to get me to watch this - I did at last, (and I'm almost finished with season 1 actually). I kinda already had my feelings picked out for this show before I even watched it and thought I wouldn't be a fan. I have to say though, it isn't bad. There's magic (which was to be expected). A little too much though! Evil guy = instant guy who knows his magic and uses it - a lot. Then by the end of the episode = dead guy.  
However, I like when Merlin uses magic because it just makes me want to laugh. There is nothing dark about this sorceress!
Random, but for some reason Merlin and Author sorta remind me of Sherlock and Dr. Watson. Does anyone else see it?
I think I want to go on with more episodes because the show because it is...
sorta like Robin Hood BBC

Still like Robin Hood better. Can't help it - it's a great BBC show (watched it if you haven't!), even though it ended horribly in my book. 
I wonder how Merlin will end? Maybe that's why I want to see more.... see how BBC will do it.  

And because this is sooo true...

So there - end of rant. Have you see either of these things? What did you think? If not - do you want to?

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7 of your thoughts

  1. The giver looks pretty interesting...I should give it a try sometime. Thanks for sharing it!
    As for Merlin, I have just three words for you; it gets better! Season one is good, but I didn't fall in love with the show till later on. :) When I was rewatching it with my parents, I kept reminding them it would get better. And they were like, "Christine! It's ok...we like it." XD
    Anyway, I'm done with my little rant. XD Loved reading this post!
    Oh, and I was wondering...what did you think of season one of Robin Hood? I started it and got maybe halfway, but I watched it very slowly. I just couldn't seem to get into that strange?

    1. The Giver is really interesting - I highly recommend it! =)
      Robin Hood season 1 was pretty good but season 2 got better and was my favorite. Season 3 wasn't bad either - keep watching! =) It took my siblings and mom a little bit to get into the show so it isn't strange at all! Especially the first two episodes were a little different compared to the rest of Robin Hood.

  2. I like Merlin as a cute fantasy series, but it's not my favorite either. The Giver was good, too. Probably one of the "better" dystopian's. I'd actually like to rent it again sometime since I watched it in two parts and late at night. Sometimes that makes for more distraction than anything. ;)

    1. Yeah - watching a movie throughout a few nights can cause distraction. =)

    2. Yeah - watching a movie throughout a few nights can cause distraction. =)

  3. I've seen both and love both! I've never read the book for "The Giver" but I think I will now. I really enjoyed the movie. As for Merlin, keep watching it!! With each season, it gets better and better...the plots get more intricate and the character development is awesome. Also, the special effects improve tremendously. :)

    1. Yes, the book was really good and the movie was closely adapted to it. I'm glad you enjoyed the The Giver because it was so inspiring!
      Thanks - I think I probably will! I've been looking for character development and a bigger and deeper plot. And the CGI was pretty bad so far, but I will keep trying and try to watch a lot more to see what happens.


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