My Summer Lemonade Drink

8:19 AM

I love the blender and use it TONS! I've made fruit smoothies, banana chocolate shakes, and now my own lemonade drink. It's tart - I'm warning you now (sorta like at Bob Evans), but I love it and so do most of my siblings. It's really refreshing after being in the hot sun and easy to make. I use smaller cups so it goes about six ways, though otherwise in a big glass maybe you can get two or three? I don't know 100% for sure. So here is the recipe..... 

{ Ingredients}

♥ 4 scoops of country time lemonade (the powdery kind)

♥ 1 cup of cold water

♥ Half a cup of Dannon vanilla yogurt

♥ 1/4 a teaspoon of lemon juice 

♥ About 8 ice cubes

Add the ingredients and blend on high for about thirty seconds (depending on your blender it could take more or less time). My Mom has a professional blender so the ice crushes in no time and I love that! Now go ahead and taste test.
 If you added the lemon juice and it's way too tart for you, you can add some honey, though I've never tried it (tell me what you think if you do it!). 

And that's it. If you make this please tell me what you thought and if you had to alter anything. 
Have a blessed day and summer readers!

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