Scarlet {Part 2}

8:02 AM

Hola readers! Here is the second and last part of my short story, "Scarlet". If you want to see part 1 then go here and read it first. 

My time is running out, reader - I must quicken my story and be brief. 
The train took me in the moutains where I received counsel from the leaders and became a Light Bearer. I learned much in those ten days, things now being silenced by my death. 
Then reader, I was transported into another world - a nameless place - my destiny. I appeared there - a beautiful land where there is no death, for the medical world is advanced. Then it was as if a veil had been lifted from my eyes and I could see the evil. What looked so perfect was so wrong. Death hovered - no matter how hard the people tried, they soon wouldn't be able to defeat it. A black magic had been cast upon their rational thoughts. They no longer wanted the Light.
My mission was fairly simple (or so it seemed at first). I was to warn the people that evil hadn't  been defeated, that Black Magic had crept up on them, and that they must look to the Light. However, they'd outlawed Light Bearers and those found were put to death.
 I knew I must first show them I was friend - not a foe, and I did just that. 
As months passed the Light placed within me couldn't be kept hidden. It was growing brighter. Soon people would know. I couldn't be fearful any longer and hold back. 
I walked into the middle of the city - preparing myself for the worst. Then I stood on an old cart and yelled out. "I am Light Bearer. Darkness will yield if you turn away from false hopes! Turn to love - not selfish ambitions. Turn to fighting the evil instead of accepting it - accept Light!" 
Now you can see why I am here. My body will soon be chopped to bits simply because I came and wished for the people to come with me and defeat the darkness. I will tell you now I am afraid. However I will say that the Light shone bright and maybe some will benefit  from that. 
I'm sorry I didn't come sooner. From my own fright I held off too long.
Oh, they are coming - the soldiers. Their shirts look as if they are made of dragon scales and they gleam in the torchlight. I feel some terror, yet a peace rising. Goodbye and farewell!

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