Unashamed {a book review}

8:38 AM

I know many of my fellow teen sisters in Christ can say they have dealt with at least one of the following... temptation to cut, read porn, do drugs, lose lots of weight to be beautiful (an unhealthy amount).... Perhaps you haven't just been tempted - you've actually done it. Or maybe even you know or have a friend who is secretly sinning behind her parents' backs and doesn't want anyone to know. If you have nodded your head to any of this then Jessie Minassian's book is 100% for you! 
In a frank but open way she shares her own struggles as a teenager, and shows us how we can be free from our addictions (and we're not just talking drugs), or how we can help others who are. 
I dealt with self-hate, temptations to cut, and thoughts of suicide as a tween and young teen - I know the depressing thoughts, how you feel so dirty and unworthy of love. This book is amazing and such an encouragement - I wish I had this book a long time ago! I felt like Jessie was speaking directly to me. She speaks about how  no one is too messed up for God - He'll take us just as we are. A very refreshing message for anyone!
The Bible verses, information on different addictions, and stories of real girls, is wonderful - showing us that we're not alone. Great for any teen girl, parent, friend, family member - anyone who wants to help a teen girl, or if you are that teen that wants help out of an addiction. Read this book!
A+, 100% recommend! 

Note: I got this book free from Tyndale in exchange for doing a review. ALL thoughts are my own. 

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