Fandom Friday #7 Sherlock and the Hobbit

8:29 AM

Hola everyone! You know you're a big hobbit fan when you watch Sherlock simply because Smaug and Bilbo go off onto more adventures together (as best friends instead of enemies of course). 
I admit that's what I did, and boy do I love memes or funny pictures on Pinterest that mesh the two together (hence this fandom Friday post)....

I actually saw this before watching Sherlock and just laughed so hard!

Who else saw this? It hit me after seeing the episode and the look on Sherlock's face - I see Smaug! 

I saw this too as soon as Sherlock said it! 

And because I know we all thought this...

So there - a little hobbit (no pun intended) and Sherlock for your day. Which was your favorite? If you watched Sherlock was it because Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch played in the hobbit as well? 
Hope your Friday is great! 

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  1. Seeing Sherlock return to our TV screens is going to be amazing! Cannot wait to watch the next series. We're loving the first photo and teasers that have been released. Exciting stuff. :)

    1. I know, right? I'm highly looking forward to see more of Sherlock!!! Have you seen the Christmas special clip? Loved that one!


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