I Need 3 Christian Guys!!!!

8:23 AM

Hola everyone! So the above title may sound a bit strange or creepy, but I really need to do this blog post to get my new blog series into motion. 
So why I need you guys is explained on a post a little ways back and I'll just put it below....
| I was praying about what I should do here on this blog. I feel that God is calling me to something and I wanted to know what. So then this idea came and I wanted to post and ask you lovely ladies what you thought. 
So many times I've wanted a guy's advice. This could be his opinion on bikini's, what his idea of flirting is, what he thinks about a girl wearing/not wearing makeup, etc, etc. I mean I sometimes wish I knew a good, Christian, teen guy and had the chance to ask him a question or two. Do you feel this way?
So I thought - what if there was this guy (or maybe a few) who would be willing to post on here every few weeks and answer y'all's questions? It would be a series of posts we'd do fairly often and I thought it sounded fun! =) |

Ok so I need 3 Christian guys to join me in this adventure (because otherwise my idea won't work). I'm looking for three (as you can see), but if only one answers this and e-mails me, you won't see me complain. 
Here is who I am looking for...
Guys between the ages of thirteen and twenty and something who are Godly men, and are willing to answer questions from single ladies. I can't guarantee you'll get bunches of questions and I only want the series to last a few weeks. That way it isn't a long process that everyone get's tired of. I do know that several ladies commented on here and elsewhere that they indeed would love to ask some questions. 
Anyway... you would answer a few questions about once a week for about three weeks (the same ones as the other two guys). You wouldn't need a long answer - just enough to answer the question and give your honest opinion on whatever the question is. 
The reason I said three guys is because I feel that it would be great to get the opinion of different ages. Someone in college may say something different then a young man entering High School, and it would be interesting and perhaps more helpful to see more then one answer. 
Now if you do want to do this then e-mail me @ youaresavedbygrace@gmail.com with the following info....
• Your name
• Blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or youtube links (if you have them, but if not that is fine)
• A little bio about yourself 
• Your testimony (just enough so I can see a little bit about your life and your walk with God)
• Your beliefs (if you want to see mine they are here)

If that seems like a ton of info I'm sorry. I just feel that I need to know you before I even consider allowing any man to answer girls' questions.
If you yourself have any questions about what I just said then just shoot me an e-mail and I'll do my best to answer. 

Now a message to all my readers...
I pray this works out and if it doesn't that is fine. God is the one working this and if it isn't His will I will accept it. 
So have a lovely day!

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