Prayer Request Updates {2}

8:02 AM

I feel like it has been ages since I've done one of these posts! Sorry about not being more faithful!
 Before I give updates though, I must ask - does anyone you know or do you yourself need prayer? I would LOVE to be praying for you!!!

For the updates...
• Christine's sister Brandi said that the baby is doing fine and healthy! Isn't that amazing?!!!!  I'm so glad. ☺

• I've had no updates about Mark (the man we know who is in jail), so please continue to pray. He needs Jesus in his life!!!

And please be praying for me! I'm planning on getting my license soon (as in a few weeks!). I'm really nervous (as I am with all tests), and I hope my nerves don't ruin my driving....

Thanks guys for your prayers and reading these updates! I'm so grateful and blessed to have you here on Saved by Grace!
Again, if you need prayer please comment and let me know, and if you ever want to just talk then e-mail me anytime. I'm here for you. ☺


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