Urgent Prayer Request

1:33 PM

Hola readers! I'm back from my blogging break with a lot of posts in store but right now I have an urgent prayer update. I will do another post this week on prayer but right now I need to do this. 
Remember the guy I told you about - the one who is possibly getting back on drugs? Anyhow he needs prayer - A LOT! He is back in jail and before that overdosed and refused treatment. Some people want him dead and he still doesn't seem to see Jesus' undying love. It doesn't matter whether or not he stays in jail or leaves, there is a high chance that he will die. This could be by drugs or men. It's a very bad situation.  I won't go in the details because a lot is pretty bad but PLEASE be praying. I have permission to tell you his name - it's Mark. He is a young adult who needs God. 
I know God can change his life and NO ONE can take that - not gangs, not drugs, not guns - nothing. He can do great things through everyone and anyone. He has a plan and I'm trusting He knows what good will come from this. 
 Please, please, be praying! 

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