Five Of My Top Favorite Youtubers

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Hola and good morning readers!
I have to admit - I'm pretty addicted to youtube. I love many different channels that are completely different from each other most of the time, and probably watch one or more youtube videos each day, whether it's a music video, fan made trailer, music for my story, a funny video, a helpful video (like how to skateboard), and the like. So today I thought I'd share my top five favorite youtubers (in no particular order), that you should really check out, as well as some of my favorite videos from them.

1. Blimey Cow 

I'm a HUGE Blimey Cow fan. They're funny, clean, Christian, and proud ex home schoolers (they're graduated now). I've watched their videos since I was about thirteen or so and enjoyed almost every single one. Now my brothers and sisters, and even my Mom, watch them almost every Monday with me. Some of my favorite videos are their home school ones....

2. Say Good Night Keven

Another clean, Christian, and funny channel. I started watching his videos about a year and a half ago  and fell in love with his stuff instantly. My favorites are his movie reviews.... they're the best!

3. Peter Hollins

We take a whole different turn with Peter Hollins. I love his versions of LOTR and Hobbit songs. His voice is amazing!!!

4.  Taryn Harbridge 

Another new turn.... So this lovely lady does music on her violin (one of my favorite instruments). The tune from Sherlock is my favorite! 

And last but not least.............
5. Autumn Hobbit

And a whole new turn from any of the above. This youtuber does music videos (fan made of course). I've watched a lot of them and they're really good!You Marvel fans should really check her out - she has a lot of music from those movies as well. =)

So there is my top five. What are your's? 

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4 of your thoughts

  1. I love Peter Hollens! Have you seen any of the music videos by Evynne Hollens, Peter Hollens' wife? She is incredibly talented as well. Also The Piano Guys are some of my favorites too.

    Blimey Cow is so funny! Have you seen any videos by the channel Studio C? They are not as explicitly Christian but all their skits are clean, family-friendly and hilarious!

    My very favorite YouTubers right now would be Sam and Nia. They are a Christian married couple who make short daily videos from their everyday life. I've watched them for a little over a year now and I just love the way they love and serve Jesus, love their children and one another. They are always so positive and often times hilarious.

    Annnd...I am always a fan of fan videos. Hehe. :)

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind

    1. No but I've heard of Studio C. A lot of my friends enjoy it and I think I'll check it out. Thanks for telling me about it! I'm pretty sure they're Mormon - which I have nothing against personally, but even though they call themselves Christian, I don't really know if I agree with that since their doctrine is opposite the Bible a lot. But anyway....
      I'll have to check out all those channels you mentioned - always nice to hear about new ones.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I mainly watch Booktube (on Youtube), which is fun since it's a community of vloggers who talk about books! I've considered trying it, but a.) I don't have a good camera and b.) I'd like ramble on and make no sense. I'll leave it to the pros. ;)

    1. I like to ramble too, but personally I'd love to see you do some vlogs! You'd do great. ♥


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