My Hectic Life

8:36 AM

Hola readers!
So this week is going to be filled with lots of hectic stuff in my life.... 
1. We're putting down wood flooring in our house
2. This weekend we have Jesus Fest
3. We're picking beans in our garden
4. We're going places. 
We just have a lot going on. So this blog is becoming neglected. My "normal" posts aren't getting done. I haven't posted photography in ages. I miss doing link-ups and giveaways.  You probably heard this before... haha. 
Anyway so I want to do more here - I miss how I use to blog, and I'm taking a blogging break this week.
Yes this just happened recently but life is getting so busy (as I said!). This summer is just going by too fast and has been filled with so much. I want less time on the computer - more time with family. Blogging can never replace those around me but right now I feel I'm more concerned about this blog then growing closer to those God has placed around me - which is SO wrong!
I think I need to take a serious look at what Saved by Grace should be. Yes, I've said this before, Yes, I've taken a lot of blogging breaks these passed few months, but I just feel I need to have a look. My blog has changed since 2012 - a lot.
I love y'all (don't get me wrong), and I hate taking breaks but sometimes you need to get away from it, and I think I do. I feel God calling me to something and I don't know what. I know He wants my attention and I'm trying to listen. I haven't listened very well lately.... 
I feel my life changing - I'm changing... I'm 16 going on 17 and all around me everyone is growing. I don't know how I feel about that. One thing is for sure - God never changes and He wants me to draw near. So that is my goal the rest of this summer - to get closer to God. To not let ANYTHING come before Him.
So I'll spend this week with family, writing my story, and listening to Skillet on repeat. I'll pick beans and watch Merlin. I'll talk to friends on the phone and read my Bible and pray more then ever. I'll try to see what God wants me to do. 
So good bye for now. Farewell until this weekend! =)

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2 of your thoughts

  1. Have a beautiful and refreshing blog break, Kara. ♥
    ~ S. F.

  2. I agree, this summer has flown by. But then, every summer seems to keep that pace. *sigh* It's really not cool methinks.

    Enjoy your break, Kara. Hope to see you again soon. :)


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