Book Review {Street God}

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Dimas wasn't your "ordinary" teenager living in New York. When he was just eleven he began selling drugs, and found himself becoming addicted to cocaine and soon after crack.  Even before his eighteenth birthday he'd already served time in prison, and as a young adult came near killing a man. He had a goal in life- become the most powerful leader of the hood or die trying. 
He lived however he pleased, surrounded by crime and drugs. His mother knew it'd be the death of him, knew that without help he was going to die. It would probably either be a bullet to the head or an overdose, and she didn't know what to do. But that's when Jesus knocked on the door of Dimas' heart and he answered. That decision changed his life forever.

For the longest time you couldn't get me to read autobiographies - I just couldn't get interested. However, I'm now finding myself picking up some really good and inspiring ones (Unbroken anyone?), ones I can't put down. Street God is one of those books.
It's a powerful true story, and one of the most thrilling I've read ye, as we follow the life of Dimas from the time he's a boy until now. He's honest and real as he tells his story. He doesn't hesitate to show us how he lived before coming to the Lord. A bonus to this amazing story is that the author's not very graphic in any way when explaining different events. Some Christian autobiographies I read were at times a little too descriptive when telling us different things they saw in their life, taking my attention away from the heart of the story. Dimas never described too much violence or sex - just enough for us to understand. I was extremely happy about that. 
This book is a fantastic read - one that you'll find very similar to The Cross and the Switchblade (as so many people have already said). This is perfect for teens and adults and I highly recommend it! I enjoyed every minute, and trust me - you won't be able to stop reading. 

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