Fandom Friday #11 {Five Favorite Relationships}

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Hola and happy Friday everyone!
I hope your upcoming weekend is fantastic. So let's get down to my top five favorite relationships this fandom Friday (and let's just say that this won't be an easy choice for me to make)...

1. Doctor John Watson and Mary

These two I find so adorable and cute together. I don't know what it is - maybe it's the fact that they're in love in real life and so they don't have to act it out. Then when (spoiler alert), she shoots Sherlock, you wonder - what will happen between her and John? I saw forgiveness here though and it tested the relationship quite a bit, which was nice because we got to see flaws in the characters. They aren't a perfect couple and I like that.

2. Kili and Tauriel 

I know, she wasn't in the book. Tauriel haters are probably mad right now. 
Anyway, the relationship was sweet even though I knew it wouldn't work out. I liked both characters and it added some feels to an already epic story. 

3. Jack and Elizabeth

These two.... yeah they're amazing. Their love story captured me in the books when I read them as a thirteen year old and captured me again in the show. I am very excited to see season 2 when it all comes out on DVD. 

4. Gilbert and Anne (with an e of course)

These two have been a favorite since as long as I've seen the movies (think from the age of ten or nine). 

5.  Mr. Thornton and Margret 

I love their story and was an immediate fan of the show as soon as I knew it existed and then became an even bigger fan as I watched it. The love story is very similar to Pride and Prejudice (which is another couple I need to fan about). And FINALLY I've seen a movie where Richard Armitage get's the girl!!!!!!! I felt so bad for Guy in RH!

So who is some of your favorite fictional couples? Comment away - I'd love to fan with you this lovely fandom Friday. 

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