Stepping Out of the Zone

9:07 AM

We all have our "safe place", the comfort zone where we like best. My comfort zone is the place where I have total control (or at least where I feel like I do). My comfort zone is my house, my family, this blog, church... everywhere I know and am familiar with. I enjoy staying in the routine and doing the things I normally do. This is just my personality. I like following the plans, I like the whole schedule thing.
However much I love my zone though, I can't stay there. Things happen and life throws me curve balls. You better believe that God doesn't let you get too comfortable where you're at! For me in my life  always in my comfort zone = no reliance on God. 
Now this doesn't necessarily mean your comfort zone is a bad thing but it can be. Sometimes you can become so comfortable where you're at, and life becomes so in your control that you forget that every single second of your day you're relying on God. Without Him you wouldn't even be alive. 
I've felt so comfortable lately. I don't want to move out of this really awesome place in my life where everything is predictable.  I like to know what's going to happen!
I know God wants me to go out in the unknown but I keep holding back, trying to hold onto what  I know. That's when God decides to throw me out of the comfort zone.
 So recently I had to go to my drivers test and was super nervous! I failed horribly the first time (parallel parking  anyone?). That was NOT part of my plan. I'd been a bundle of nerves and didn't want to go through the whole process again. What if I kept failing over and over and never got my license?
I realize what God was doing though. He was trying to see how much I'd rely on Him. I hadn't the first time - would I the second?
The second time came with even more nerves since we decided to go to a DMV closer to home, though in a more city area 30 minutes from here (I hate driving in town...). I really took some time beforehand to pray and ask God for courage and strength. This driving thing was a big step for me, one that took my completely out of my little comfort zone.  I knew that I couldn't pass without God and if it was His plan, I'd fail. Simple. Nothing I could do about it.
Then other times recently He threw me out of my zone....
He had me trying new things
talking to new people
sending my story to get edited
do things that I really don't like doing

This last bit of 2015 I know I need to do some things that aren't exactly always in my control. I realize that I need to do things that scare me - a lot. That's OK. Those things aren't going to get the best of me. They're going to teach me how much God loves me and how much power He has. Getting a job won't be easy. Volunteering won't be easy. Talking to new people at church isn't always easy. Thinking about college isn't easy.  Really when you get down to it, life isn't easy. 
But I know I need to do this. It'll help me become a better adult and a better follower of Christ.
I dare you to step out of your comfort zone sometime this month. Do something you've felt God telling you to do but were too afraid to try. If He's telling you something, don't hold back - dive in and see how the Lord will work!
And for all those wondering, yes I past my drivers test. =)

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