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The sixth novella in the Journey of the Heart series concludes the story of Emmie. She and Isaac are keen on marrying each other, but Emmie has a secret she is too afraid to tell him. Just as she get's a chance to confide in him, a widower friend tells her she needs to fulfill an impossible promise she made to his dead wife long before Emmie was in love. 
When the Sioux threaten the fort will she honor her promise to the widower and break her and Isaac's heart?
To be honest I hesitated getting this novella because I've never read any others in this six book series. I read some reviews on it beforehand, and everyone pretty much said it was easy to jump right into the book no matter if I'd read the earlier ones or not. Despite what others may have put in their reviews, it wasn't. 
The little novella (it is ninety some pages) seems it needed to be attached to the book before it. It jumps right into the middle of the story, and the characters don't give us (us as in anyone who's never read any of the other books), enough backstory. 
I'm not a huge fan of novellas anyway (never have been), so I always find them too short with not enough character development. I think I would have liked A Heart's Home a lot better if it hadn't been a novella though. I'd like to see this in a regular book so I wouldn't have to buy all six tiny stories, (literally I wasn't expecting the book to be so thin!). 
I will say though, that Colleen Coble's writing is (as always) fantastic, and she never disappoints me with characters or a plot. Even if I had a hard time getting into the story I'm 100% sure it was because, again, this is a series I failed to read beforehand. 
The front cover is beautiful by the way! I love the gorgeous scenery.

If you've read the series Journey of the Heart, "A Heart's Home" is what you should buy now - you won't be disappointed!   

Note: I got this book free from the publisher in exchange for writing a review of my opinions

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