Free and Forgiven {A Poem}

8:15 AM

I'm no longer a slave to these fears haunting me
My life is at last how it ought to be
Sin use to to hold me so tight and without You,
      I could no longer fight
Now I'm stronger and it's only because of Your hand,
      the love that tightens, the gentle band
You're holding me together as I'm falling apart
I thank you for taking my heart
You're molding me and at last I can see,
      the reason for this broken melody
In the end it led me to You and all that You called me to do
I'm no longer standing here stained, my sin is slain,
      and I can hear You calling out my name
I've come out scathed yet healed,
      You're slowly teaching me Your divine will
No longer do I listen to the blackened lies,
      and I'm longing for Your gentle eyes
The wind sighs, carrying me home
I at last see to whom I belong
My story was chaos until You brought me to Your cross
I saw Your bleeding body and Your brokenness,
 You showed me how you died for my messiness
You gave me a story about how You picked me up when I fell,
     forgiving me and making me clean, at last I am well
I'm no longer a slave to all these fears haunting me
I'm at last becoming who you want me to be
May my story lead others to You,
      and even if it's only a few I will still be praising You
You died so I could live and I want to be singing to You until the end

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  1. <3 Beautiful. I'm writing this down on paper and sticking it in my Bible or a devotional.

    1. Thank you!! I hope the poem encourages you!

  2. Hey Kara Lynn!
    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog!! (*high five* tall girls forever!! ;)) Your blog is beautiful, I can't wait to stop by more often!!

    1. Hi Megann! Thank you for commenting here on Saved by Grace! Welcome to my blog. =)


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