Dare To Fly

8:32 AM

Do you feel like you should do something? Do you have that great story you want to send to the publishers but are afraid that it's not good enough? Do you have that dream job you want to apply for but are afraid of rejection? Do you want to start that  blog but you are afraid no one will read it Or do you ever feel that, "YES I'm ready!", but then when the time comes you want to cower under the bed? 
When we feel called to do something out of our element - something we dream of but still fear - this is our moment. This is the time when we need to leap off the cliff and take that chance. This is the time to see what you're made of. It's the time to trust God and be so much more then you ever dreamed. It doesn't mean you're going to make the job. It does mean you're going to become a world famous author. However, it does mean one thing - no matter the outcome you can come out strong. It means you can say you tried, that you conquered that fear. 
  Face it - you're never going to be 100% ready no matter how old you are. Nothing in this life that has real worth is easy. Nothing with value is going to come without obstacles. Nothing comes without a few people saying, "no". Let this shape you. Don't hang your head and give up. Stand tall and continue the race. 
Dare to dream. Dare to do the impossible. Don't wait - do it. 

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