Vendetta {A Book Review}

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Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense 
Pages: 301
Book one in The Nicki Boyd Files
Publisher: Revell 
Publication Date: 2015

Vendetta from Lisa Harris is about Nicki Boyd, a woman on the Missing Persons Tasks Force in Tennessee. Her driving force is the still unsolved case of her kidnapped sister years before, and she still has a little faith that one day she will find  and bring to justice the man who hurt her family.
When Bridget, a sixteen year old girl celebrating her birthday in the mountains, goes missing, Nicki takes the call. However, the more information she gathers about this missing teenager, something feels strange. 
The more clues that pop up lead to one thing - the man who kidnapped her sister and other teenage girls so many years ago is back, and he has taken yet another victim.  It turns into a full scale search and rescue at Cade's Cove, but Nicki has a funny feeling creeping up on her - she's not just hunting for Bridget - she's now being hunted. 

I heard that this book got back-ordered, which means apparently I'm not the only one who eagerly looked forward to reading. I'm very fortunate that Revell allowed me to review this for free! 
I've never read anything by Lisa Harris (not that I recall anyway), but I still had high expectations that it would be fantastic. 
A few evenings ago I picked up the book and knew pretty soon after the first chapter know that I would love Vendetta! The action and the missing girls happens pretty quickly into the story, having a tight grip on you. 
The suspense is good - really good. The writing is also fantastic and realistic, and I can guarantee that there is never a dull moment.
 To top that off there is some really real emotions going on throughout the story. The loss of Nicki's sister is evident in her life, and you feel that pain. This isn't a book of revenge  (aka I want to KILL the man who did this to my sister). It's one of sometimes sadness, a need for closure for her family by finding the man. 

Even though this book's genre is "romantic suspense", we don't see too much romance as we do suspense. Nicki finds herself slowly falling for Tyler (an old friend and one who is sticking close by her no matter what). It's a sweet friendship - one I liked. The romance wasn't strong but by the end you want to read book two to find out where it will all lead. 

And then with all this amazing good stuff I've told you about, I loved that I never was able to solve the mystery until the end! Usually I have a few guesses and one of them is correct, but there is so many plots twists, turns, and what you think is right is so wrong. By the end of the novel I wanted more, and that teaser chapter did nothing to calm my suspense for the second book next summer. 

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  1. My copy of this (from Amazon) just last week. It sounds really good, so I'll have to made time for it soon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kara. I'm glad you enjoyed it. BTW, cute new layout too! :)

    1. I hope you enjoy the book Rissi! It is an amazing read and well worth your time. Will you be doing a review on it? If so I look forward to seeing your thoughts. =)


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