The Golden Braid {A Review}

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Title: The Golden Braid
Rating: Five Stars
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: 2015

Rapunzel isn't your ordinary girl. Her mother doesn't allow her to get close too men, and she spends her time painting flowers on their house and singing her mother to sleep at night. Since she isn't allowed to speak to men if she can help it, she has a feeling her mother will probably never let her marry... or read.
Fiercely dedicated to Rapunzel, Gothel is suspicious of every man who so much looks at her daughter, and she repeatedly says that no man can be trusted, and dutifully Rapunzel follows wherever she goes.
On the journey to Hagenheim, Rapunzel and Gothel are attacked by men of the wood and then saved by handsome (yet arrogant) Sir Gerek -  who Rapunzel in turn saves. The handsome knight agrees to repay Rapunzel for saving his life by teaching her to read.
As Rapunzel slowly gets to know this knight, she begins to wonder... is there something more to Gerek - who desires only to marry for riches?

I have read almost all Melanie Dickerson's books and have enjoyed each one. By far this is my favorite!  I fell in love with the story from the beginning, finding the love story endearing and sweet. I love the movie Tangled and hoped the book would be something of the like, The Golden Braid doesn't disappoint!
The plot is similar to what the classic Rapunzel story is like (minus the tower, which sadly didn't come about until the very end). The cover is beautiful and ohh... Gerek my favorite character!
Dickerson always gives us a book to enjoy and melt our hearts, and I've liked each one I've read, but there was something about this one that really just hit the spot on my romantic heart.
The fact that I assumed the ending wasn't bad at all (all princess stories are pretty predictable for me), and I couldn't put the book down. I wanted to learn more about Gerek, see the back story behind why Gothel was so suspicious of men, and see when the tower would show up (yes, I've always loved Rapunzel's story because of the tower).
There isn't many cons in this story other then (like I said), I guessed the ending. Despite that, the book is well written, with medieval action, a cute romance, and a contemporary writing style that is easy to understand.
Highly recommend for teen and adults!

Thank you to Litfuse for giving me this book for free in exchange for doing the review! You guys are the best. ☺

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  1. Aw, I'm so glad you enjoyed this one, Kara! I was so-so on the book I read by Melanie, so I'll perhaps have to give this one a shot because like you, I love Tangled and the story of Rapunzel too. :)

    1. YES try it Rissi! I have watched Tangled over, and over, and over and was super excited about this book! I hope you love it as much as I did. =)

  2. Hi, Kara!
    You've been nominated for the "12 Days of Thanksgiving" tag. :)
    Here's the link:
    Love ~ S. F.

  3. I've had this book on my list of to-reads for quite a while and now, after reading your review, I really want to read it! I've read several of Dickerson's other books and though I would say they're all predictable they are still fun. Thanks for writing this! It was fun to read!

    1. And thank you, Lydia for commenting! Yes, her books can be predictable but I love them. Each one should be a movie really, because I think we don't get enough of good Christian fantasy in the movie world! =)


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