Three Movie Romance Cliches That Annoy Me

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Note: This is put here because I'm talking romance in the post and it's just too awesome not to put on here, and second because it's a way better picture then of a romance I don't like. ;)

Hola everyone!
I am a TV and book fan and I am a romantic at heart. I love lots of couples, from Darcy and Lizzie, Mr. Knightly and Emma to Jack and Elizabeth, to Dr. Watson and Mary. I read Historical Romance and Romantic Suspense and fangirl on Pinterest about my fave couples.
There is one drawback to loving shows with romance though - you can get very annoyed. Romance cliches pop up and the whole story becomes predictable.
So here are some movie romance cliches that I have been currently annoyed by (and yes, these annoy me in books too)...

1. The love triangle
Awww..... the classic love triangle. Boy meets girl and they fall head-over-heels for each other. Everything is going well until.... *gasp* the ex or the other attractive character pops up ad ruins the happy relationship. This is fine and I don't exactly hate love triangles  (they do happen in real life), yet movies put this in a story a lot more then they need to.
Which leads to #2...

2. The whole predictable love triangle (girl has city boyfriend but goes to the country and falls for hot cowboy or vice versa)
I feel this is Hallmark, and *sigh* I do love these movies, yet it still is predictable and happens a LOT with romances! The city guy (or girl) is the antagonist and the country boy (or gal) is always it seems, "the one". This plays a lot and is just really annoying for me. I admit, they're cute movies but I need something different, something more then the norm.
And PLUS city girls do marry city boys! I know that for a fact. ☺
And again this leads onto #3...

3. The Evil ex or soon to be ex girlfriend or boyfriend
This (again) happens too much. Honestly I have just begun laughing every time I watch a movie and the main character (who is in a relationship) meets "the one" and leaves behind the obvious "not one". The main characters never seem to have any good tastes at first...
Again, I know this can happen in real life, but as I said in the other 2, this happens a lot.
The "mean" boyfriend/girlfriend usually have no good qualities whatsoever, so you never have to feel sorry for them. They're portrayed as snobby, a jerk, etc, and I just wish they'd make them a bit more understanding, loving toward the character, a little heart broken...? I'm not saying every movie should do this but a few need to surprise us...

So there is three things that have been annoying me lately in the movie and TV world. What are some cliches you aren't fond of?
I'd love to know!

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6 of your thoughts

  1. YES. LOL You hit the nail on the head with these pet peeves. Hallmark movies I don't mind so much but these three trends are so abused in entertainment on the whole today!

    1. Well I don't mind Hallmark at all (When Calls the Heart is my happy place), it's just that the romances tend to be predictable. =)
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. oh my goodness, I couldn't agree more! There are so many romantic cliches, and in any movie you watch, the romance included in it will be similar to other movies. It's rarely realistic!

    1. Hi Lauren!
      I know! Rarely do I find a romance that is different from most! North and South BBC is one of my favorites because has a unique love story, but it is one of few for me.

  3. Great pet peeves, Kara! Much emphasis (for me) on the first and the whole fiancé in the city/meeting a country cowboy thing. Much as I love Hallmarks, this needs to stop - as does the whole return to the small town thing. ;D

    Ps; the photo you used and the text in the photo = BRILLIANT! ;)

    1. YES it does need to stop! How they keep getting away with it I'll never know. It must be the lovable characters and cute story but still... it's very cliche and constant.
      Thanks for commenting!


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